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Carol Signore

Gourd Art Southwest  is a unique collection of "Wild Things" made from gourds.  Each gourd is a special piece of fine art, bursting with color and whimsy.  Signore's work draws upon rich flavors from America's great Southwest and kindred spirits from Asian and Africa.  Gourdy Cougars, Coyotes, Bobcats, and Jack Rabbits, hang out with Elephants, Tigers, Giraffes and all manner of creatures, real and magical in the award winning work of Green Valley, AZ,

Master Gourder, Carol Signore. 



Beautiful Mariachi Gourd Figure with handmade Guitar and Sombrero made from gourd shards.


    Meet the Artist

Carol Signore discovered gourds in 2009. Her transition from water colorist in Pennsylvania to gourd artist in Arizona was a natural one because working with paints, dyes and pigments on gourds was similar, but instead of working on a flat surface there is an endless variety of three dimensional canvases. Signore has enjoyed acquiring new skills too, like carving, wood burning and embellishing her gourds with exotic frills. She always feels challenged by the opportunity to  enhance the unlimited potential and unique beauty of each gourd.

Carol teaches gourd art classes three times each year

in her home studio classroom in Green Valley, AZ.

See her newest class schedules here.

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Watch the Process

Take a peek inside Signore's creative process.  Watch a raw, farm dirty gourd,

(one of mankind's oldest cultivated fruits) becoming a magical work of fine art.

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