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Gourd Art Classes 

  2020 Winter Classes - Starting Feb 25

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Classes - Schedules


Mosaic Glaze & Painting: 

February 25, 26, & 28.                 9-11 AM   

Create a painting on your gourd or learn to 'finish' it with a smooth polished gloss called "Mosaic Glaze" (see bowl above) by applying layers of brilliant multimedia paints, dyes, and pigments in a variety of combinations.  Cleaned Welburn gourds, essential tools and all supplies provided.        

Class fee $125.






Table Totems : 

March 3, 4, & 6                                    9-11AM

 Use Mini gourd and shards to

 construct beautiful Table Top Totems.  All equipment and gourd pieces will be provided along with Multimedia paints and dyes, and stand material. Participant’s own base or stand can also be used if preferred.    

Class Fee $125



Lantern Gourds:

March 10, 11 & 13                            9-11AM                                                                                                              

Create a softly glowing lantern gourd.  Class will clean gourd interior, draw and cut out simple designs in the gourd’s wall for illumination. Gourd interiors and all edges will be coated with reflective paint and exterior walls will be wood burned and dyed.  Classes will learn to use a mini handheld jig saw for their decorative cutouts.  Instructor assistance is available as needed.  Gourds will be finished and sealed in order to compliment the illumination of each piece. Participants may select battery or electric fairy lights.                                    

Class fee $135   


Class Reservations

Your place will be reserved as soon as your registration (fee & signed waver) is received.  You may drop therm off in the lock box of the front foyer of my home or mail them.  The goal of class is to create something original and beautiful and to become familiar with new skills that can be used in gourding.  Classes will be fun as well as educational.


Gourding is messy. Old clothes or a smock is advised.  

Some fine tipped brushes (size 00, a size 4 or 6 and a 2" flat brush) are helpful and new or fresh ones are nice to have if you care to bring your own. Brushes suitable for acrylics are best.  A couple of small paint palates are useful.  Flat deli type container lids work well. 


Please feel free to email me with questions or concerns about the class you are interested in taking.  Email:  carolsig@gmail.com