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Signore is an Arizona Gourd Society Master Gourd Artist. One of her most popular techniques utilizes a special hi-gloss finish she calls "Mosaic Glaze".  Silky to touch and brilliantly colored pieces finished with mosaic glaze evoke shimmering southwestern scenes and desert sunsets. 


Other classes with Signore offer, instruction in pyrography, precious metal leafing and lanterns, totems and mask making.  Each Class typically meets over three days for two hours each day at Signore's home studio in Green Valley, AZ.  These class groups are limited to 6 people and designed to provide maximum personal attention. 


Independent Instruction is also available throughout the year by appointment.

 Fall Classes

    Sept. 29 - Oct. 2

Dec. 1 - 4

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  Fall Class Schedule 2020

Gourd Christmas Ornaments

December 1, 2, 3, 4.           9-11 AM           $125

Class will meet on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  Thursday will be Open Studio

Design and make up to three gourd ornaments.  Choose from a variety of cleaned premium 3" gourds and enhance them with any medium or tool of your choice in the studio. Hanging wires will be provided or can be hammered by hand if desired.  Great Christmas gifts or the start of a beautiful collection!

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Independent Project:  By Appointment


This is a unique opportunity to design and execute an advanced gourd project in consultation with an experienced artist.  I will work with you, one on one, over 8 hours of studio time (arranged at our mutual convenience) to make a beautiful piece of art work.    

Class Fee will depend on your gourd's size, your project's scope, your level of skill and experience, and the overall time required for completion of your piece.

Several previously completed Independent Projects are posted on the Student Experiences page.       $150-$200

  Winter Class Schedule 2021

Class Reservations

Your place in class will be reserved as soon as your registration (fee & signed waver) is received and you will receive a written confirmation of this.  Because classes fill up quickly and are very small (6 students max) your reservation is not refundable unless you are able to provide a replacement.   You may drop your forms & fee off in the lock box on the enclosed front foyer of my home or they can be mailed.  The goal of class is to create something original and beautiful and to become familiar with new skills that can be used in gourding.  Classes will be fun as well as educational. 


Please be aware that 'gourding' can be pretty messy so old clothes or a smock is advised.  Brushes will be provided but

a few inexpensive, fine tipped brushes (size 00, a size 4 or 6 and a 2" flat brush) are helpful and new or fresh ones are nice to have if you care to bring your own. Brushes suitable for acrylics are best.  A couple of small disposable paint palates are useful.  Flat deli type container lids work well. 


Please feel free to email any questions or concerns about the class you are interested in taking.  Email:                  

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