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Mini Masks & Wall Hangings

 July 28, 29, & 31.      9-11 AM         $135

Make a beautiful all season wreath or door hanging with a gourd mini mask focal point.  Grapevine bases and berry sprays will form the base of the wreath along with any other dried plant materials or ribbon students wish to bring and incorporate.  Participants in this class will learn to use Apoxie Sculpt, a two part clay material perfect for making permanent enhancements and decorative details and for connecting the various parts of your piece.

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Mosaic Glaze & Painting 

August 4, 5, 7.           9-11 AM           $125

Create a painting on your gourd or learn to 'finish' it with a feather smooth polish called "Mosaic Glaze" (see bowl above).  The process involved applying layers of brilliant multimedia paints, dyes, and pigment powders and sealer in a special series of steps to achieve the stunning mosaic like finish.  Choose a cleaned, medium size Welburn gourd from a variety of shapes. Essential tools and all other supplies are provided.     


Half-Pint Haciendas

August 11, 12, 14.        9-11 AM             $125                                                                                                             

Use colorful paints, clay, and an exotic gourd to design a unique Sonoran bird home for one of your favorite 'half-pint' feathered friends.  Simple hooks to hang your piece will be provided.  You are also welcome to bring your own hanging mechanism or pole to use if you prefer.  Choose your gourd from a huge array of shapes and sizes just perfect for a brand new avian family.  Or just enjoy your creation as a decoration for your own home!


Burning & Leafing

August 18, 19, 21.             9-11 AM        $125

Learn to use a variety of Pyrographic hot tools to draw designs and/or pictures on your gourd.   Use templates, tracings or free hand sketches for the design and fill your positive and negative spaces with ink dyes, paints, and precious metal leafing. In the example on the left the rocks, ground and plants are done with ink dyes, the sky is a metallic acrylic paint and the moon and coyote are a variegated copper leafing material.  Several medium gloss sealer coats protect the entire finished work.


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Independent Project:

This is an opportunity to choose a gourd, and design an advanced project in consultation together.  I will work with you, one on one, over 8 hours of studio time (arranged at our mutual convenience) to make a beautiful piece of art work.

Class Fee will range between $150 - $200 depending on your gourd's size, the scope of the project, your level of skill and experience, and the overall time required for completion of your piece.

Several previously completed Independent Projects are posted on the Student Experiences page.